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Stock Condition Surveys

Stock condition surveys are a vital source of information for both social landlords and local housing authorities.  For social landlords, the data is important to validate progress against the decent homes standard target but crucially to inform future asset management and investment programmes.  For local housing authorities, data on the condition of private sector stock within their area is not only essential for informing future housing structure and allocation of scarce capital resources, there is also a legal requirement to keep housing conditions under review (S3 Housing Act 2004).


Whilst the information social landlords and local housing authorities gather is used for different purposes, it is most important that that managers commissioning surveys and surveyors engaged in survey work understand the principles of stock condition surveying and the potential pitfalls.  Substantial policy and spending decisions are based on the outputs from stock condition surveys.  It is most important that surveys are designed correctly (in particular the sampling regime), that data collection is done properly and that effective analysis is carried out.


Traditionally social landlords have contracted out stock condition surveys.  Increasingly they recognise the value of in house stock condition gathered by their own staff and many now use a rolling programme of in-house surveys to keep asset management information up to date.  This course will help both managers and surveyors understand the processes involved and assist in ensuring that the data outputs are valid.

The course format is varied to suit the differing requirements of social landlords and local housing authorities but includes the following key elements:

  • Context and purpose of stock condition surveys
  • The decent homes standard
  • Sampling regime
  • Overview of survey methodology
  • Identification of module
  • Building configuration, faces, views, dimensions
  • Property services and facilities
  • Measurement of disrepair
  • Ages of buildings and building elements

Validation and analysis of data including assessment of decent homes compliance, energy efficiency and costings.

With social landlords, the course will include information on data outputs and asset management.  With local housing authorities, there will be information on the social survey questions and data required for future strategies.