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HHSRS Refresher Training

For Local Housing Authorities

The majority of local housing authority staff will have attended both HHSRS Practitioner and Enforcement courses. In some cases, this may have been more than 5 years ago. Many officers find a refresher course of great value – both to revisit and reinforce knowledge on the principles of the system and to look developments in terms of enforcement especially in the light of Residential Property Tribunal and Lands Chamber decisions. Lavender & Wilson offer a refresher course aimed at the particular needs of enforcement officers. The morning session looks again at the principles of the system and best practice in the assessment of a number of the more common hazards. There are a number of case studies with extensive photographs where delegates identify and score hazards. In the afternoon session, there is a run through of the enforcement framework with reference throughout to significant Tribunal decisions and the practicalities of enforcement action. Again there are case studies where delegates consider the various enforcement options available and decide on the most appropriate course of action.

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For Social Landlords

The refresher course for social landlords reflects the needs of social landlords to keep up to date with HHSRS both to ensure they meet their legal obligations and to maximise compliance with the Decent Homes Standard. The course goes though the main principles of the system highlighting best practice and also includes refresher elements on using the statutory Operating Guidance correctly when scoring and use of the worked examples. There are a number of practical exercises throughout the day using case studies with extensive photographs where delegates identify and score hazards. The day concludes with a reminder of the implications of HHSRS for social housing in particular in respect of the decent homes standard, potential enforcement action by local authorities, asset management programmes, stock condition surveys, practicalities with void and response repair inspections and general staff awareness. This section includes practical advice on responding to any action by a local authority.