Housing Training and Consultancy Ltd

HHSRS Principles and Practice for LHAs

These courses are designed for local housing authority practitioners.  The one day course is aimed those staff who need a good understanding of the system but do not routinely carry out scored assessments as part of  their job.  The two day course is for those officers who need to complete scored assessments as an essential element of their work.  Both courses carry CPD certification and a certificate confirming competence is issued to those delegates who complete the two day course successfully.


One Day Course

By the end of the day, delegates will:

  • Understand the background to the HHSRS and its principles
  • Be familiar with the 29 hazards
  • Be able to identify deficiencies and link to appropriate hazards
  • Understand how to use the statutory Operating Guidance
  • Understand how to assess likelihoods and outcomes and to score hazards


Two Day Course

With the two day option, delegates go away and carry out an inspection of a property containing at least three significant hazards and prepare an inspection report.  The report includes a scored assessment of three hazards.
Day 2 normally follows around three weeks after Day 1.  After an initial refresher session, some or all delegates are asked to give a brief presentation on their property, going through the property description, the deficiencies found, the three scored hazards and the justifications for the scores.  The day is conducted in an open, informal way with plenty of opportunities for discussion and clarification of  HHSRS issues with a course review and recap at the end.